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A Guide to Men’s Styles of Pants

A Guide to Men’s Styles of Pants

Within men’s fashion, styles of pants for men have certainly evolved throughout the years. It’s not quite as simple as buying a pair of basic blue jeans, anymore. No, not when there’s so many different styles, fabric and cuts to choose between. And while men’s fashion is not quite as varied or expansive as women’s is (not yet, that is) it’s still important to know and understand the different styles available to you and to know what to shop for, so you can look and feel your best. 

We here at Warp + Weft have set out to demystify men’s styles of pants once and for all, providing you a handy guide here, covering the most popular styles of pants for men and their fits. 

Skinny Jeans

Mens Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans aren’t just for women anymore or for creating an alluring, alternative rocker look for men a la 90’s punk. No, today’s styles of skinny jeans for men are more appealing to the mainstream with much more forgiving and flexible fits, to glide comfortably over a man’s body.

Sharp and streamlined, skinny jeans create a long, lean line with a tapered, tight fit that fits more narrowly from the hip to the hem of the pant. The key is to balance the proportions with a more relaxed, slouchy style on top to counter the skinny fit below. Perhaps not ideal for a professional environment, skinny jeans are great options for a fun night out on the town. 

We love the HND - SKINNY 28” . Perfect for everyday wear, these high performance, men’s skinny jeans are engineered with high retention comfort stretch to keep you feeling your best, while looking incredibly polished.

Slim-Cut Jeans

Mens Slim-Cut Jeans

A happy medium between too slouchy and too tight, slim fit jeans are a popular style of jeans that can flatter many men’s body types. Most commonly mid-rise, slim cut jeans feature a more contoured fit than their regular and more relaxed counterparts, but still offer plenty of stretch to be comfortable on many men’s frames. 

Men with more muscular thighs and very athletic, broad shoulders may have difficulty squeezing into the more close-fitting cut of slim jeans, so keep that in mind if you like to live at the gym. Unlike skinny jeans, men’s slim jeans are a good option for work creating a long, clean line and a polished look. 

Get the look in our AMS - SLIM 28", one of our best-sellers for men. These ultra-cool and versatile jeans are made with high retention fabric for a comfortable fit (to avoid the dreaded baggy knees and saggy waistbands).Try out this style with a stretch button-down or a classic tee-shirt, to create an easy, cool and professional look.

Straight-Cut Jeans

Men's Straight Cut Jeans

Ok, now we’re reaching the territory of more relaxed styles of men's pants. Straight cut jeans feature a more classic style of fit with a straight leg and even leg width throughout the hip through the high. This style is a bit more spacious and forgiving down below, offering more leg room, so men with more brawny thighs can easily rock this style too. Straight jeans create an effortless, casual look, perfect for weekend days. 

Try the ORD - STRAIGHT 32" ATLANTIC for a classic, quintessential look. The roomier fit will glide seamlessly over your calves and thighs for ultra-comfort that will still maintain its sleek shape. In a range of trendy washes, you will always look crisp and pulled-together. 



Men's Chinos

A great alternative to jeans, men’s chinos are super-wearable and versatile. Falling somewhere between jeans and dress pants, chinos are trousers made of a cotton twill fabric, that are the perfect balance of practical and polished style. With their classic and neutral look, chinos can stylishly take you from casual days to the office depending on their cut. Look out for bunching and make sure your chinos sit well at the hip, creating a crisp and clean line. 

We recommend the BOS - SLIM CHINO 32"   mfor a relaxed fit that exudes ease. Great for athletic builds, this performance style offers a touch more room to comfortably accommodate bigger calves and thighs. Or for a slimmer take, try our SJC - SKINNY CHINO 28". Advanced wrinkle-resistant FlexTwill technology creates a breathable, flexible fit for the ultimate in comfort that will retain its crisp, fresh style all day long.

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