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A Guide to Taking Care of And Maintaining Your Jeans

A Guide to Taking Care of And Maintaining Your Jeans

We all have those pairs of jeans that we live in. We wear them so much, it’s like they become a part of us. And sure that lived in, loved and worn in look is definitely….a style. But still, it’s important to know how to properly take care of and maintain your jeans to keep them looking and fitting great for years to come. 

And we’ve all been there, staring at our jeans in dismay, fiddling with them wondering if we should turn them inside out, then trying to decide if we should wash them on a cold cycle or warm. Finally, we grapple with whether or not they should be tumble-dried or laid flat to air dry. Ugh, it can make you feel as dizzy as a cycle through a washing machine, just thinking about it! (Too far? Ok, moving on) In frustration, we all have just thrown them straight into the washer, crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. 

But my friends, there is a better way. And we have compiled a helpful guide here to explain once and for all, the ins and outs of how to properly care for your jeans. 

1. Wash Every 10 Wears Or Otherwise, Spot Clean

Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to wash your jeans all the time, only after every ten wears or so. Of course, that amount of time will depend on how often you are actually wearing your jeans. Washing them all the time will put you on the fast track to fading. 

If you only have a small stain, there’s no need to do a whole load of laundry. Try this instead. Simply, take a damp cloth with mild soap and gently buff out the stain. A toothbrush also works very well for more targeted cleaning. Tadaa, and the stain is gone. Your water bill will thank you. 

2. Freshen Up Between Wears

Let’s say you find your jeans somewhere between fresh and feeling clean as a whistle, and not quite ready to go all in with a wash cycle. But you’re definitely feeling a little musty, and in need of some way of revitalizing your beloved denim. Trust us, you don’t need to cave and throw them in the washer.

An easy way of achieving a freshening up of your denim is to throw them in the dryer instead. I know, it sounds counterintuitive. How can drying them make them cleaner? Tossing them in the dryer on a low cycle with a dryer sheet will be just the thing you need for attaining as close to a freshly washed fragrance, as....well, if they were freshly washed. You can also try putting them in the freezer to get rid of odor-causing bacteria, or go over them gently with your steamer. And there you have it — you have conquered the world between washes!

3. Turn Inside Out

So, your jeans have a vibrant blue wash and you want them to stay that way, and not develop that dreaded faded look, right? The easy solution is to remember to turn them inside out before throwing them into the washer. Simply flipping them inside out will protect your denim from color loss and fading. Once again, also refrain from washing them too often or that will lead to a faded look as well, over time. And remember, there’s the good faded look that is earned from loving and wearing in your jeans. You don’t want to accidentally achieve the fade because you took a misstep on laundry day. So, take a second to turn them inside out and they will maintain their beautiful, blue hue. 

4. The Cold Hard Truth

We’re putting an end to the cold vs warm vs hot conundrum right now. Washing clothing in cold keeps vivid colors looking bright, while washing them in hot water will eat away at dyes in your garments, fading their color. The same goes for your jeans. Washing them with cold water will help maintain their color, protecting from fading and shrinking. Plus, washing in cool water is the eco-friendly choice, helping preserve energy. And when you use less energy, your utility bill won’t be as high, saving you money. Better for the environment and your wallet? Um, can you say winning!

5. Delicate vs Normal 

In general, a normal wash cycle will work perfectly fine for your everyday pair of jeans. However, for jeans with embellishments, or rips, we recommend washing on a delicate cycle to keep the holes from expanding and preserving their style. 

6. Air Dry When In Doubt

Dryers and jeans generally don’t mix well. You may get away with it one or two times, but typically jeans should be hung flat to air dry. Air drying will protect your jeans from shrinkage, helping maintain the fit you want for longer. It will also prevent the fibers from warping. 

7. The Savvy Way to Soap

Most people don’t consider their detergent when they wash their clothing. They buy what they know works and whatever was priced at a good deal. But not all detergents are made equal. Harsher detergents will break down the fibers of your jeans, and strip away color. Stick to milder soaps that will be gentler on the color and fabric of your jeans to maintain a fresher look as long as possible. 

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