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Here’s Why We Need More Inclusivity in the Fashion Industry

Since day one, Warp + Weft has been committed to creating great denim for everybody, and that literally means, “every body”. Having been in the business for years, we understand how the fashion industry has unfortunately been notorious for being too exclusive. Not everyone seemed to always get an invitation to the party. Where were the styles for those of us who aren’t super tall and super thin? Where were the jeans designed especially for plus-size women? Where were the models who represented what everyday women actually look like? We knew we wanted to create a different kind of company that celebrated inclusivity as well as the beautiful diversity of the human body, a place where everyone can feel that they belong. 

The Fashion Industry’s Epic Fail

Here’s the thing. Many fashion companies use an “idealized” body type from which they base their designs and sizing. Once they create a pattern or sample, they then scale up or down using mathematical calculations — not real, living, breathing human bodies. This means that most clothes aren’t even made to fit real people. Sounds crazy, right? It’s no surprise then that we can struggle to find sizes and styles that complement our figures. 

Diversity vs Inclusivity 

The words, “diversity” and “inclusivity” tend to be used interchangeably in the fashion business to the detriment of each word’s individual meaning.  While they certainly impact and influence each other, and even serve as two sides of the same coin, they do not mean the same thing. Diversity refers to the mixing of people of different social and ethnic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, etc. while distinguishing their differences. Inclusivity then is the collective of a diverse group of people coming together and empowering each other through their values of diversity and acceptance. Without inclusivity, efforts towards embracing diversity tend to feel like superficial acts of tokenism. Essentially, there’s a difference between merely allowing people of diverse backgrounds into the industry and enabling them to have real impact on fashion culture. The fashion industry first needs to celebrate diversity in order for it to be able to successfully create a true climate of inclusivity.

Denim for All Body Types

At Warp + Weft, we are committed to basing all production of our garments on real bodies of all shapes, sizes and colors, so we operate our design process a little differently. We fit our jeans on a range of people (including ourselves!) who offer us honest feedback on what’s working, what’s not, and then we work to make each style perfect. We consider how the jeans react when we bend, stretch, move, eat — when we live. You are not a manikin after all; you need functional and fashionable clothing you can feel confident and comfortable about actually living in. We take notice of any gaps at the waistband, fabric that may be too tight around the hips, leg openings that aren’t quite wide enough — then we make changes and modifications to create the perfect pair and the perfect fit, every single time.

Ethical + Inclusive Design 

To us, the most beautiful part of Warp + Weft isn’t the clothes — it’s the people who make it all happen. Our team works hard to make sure that every pair of quality denim is woven together with our values and beliefs, and ensure that our collections always reflect the diversity of our community, a culture towards inclusivity, as well as our dedication to ethically and responsibly created clothing. It’s why we do what we do — to make denim especially for you. 

All of you.

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