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How to Find the Best Fitting Jeans for Your Body Shape

How to Find the Best Fitting Jeans for Your Body Shape

A staple of every woman’s wardrobe, jeans are essential building blocks of any outfit. Putting together a classic jeans outfit is one thing — finding that perfect pair of jeans to begin with is another story. Every woman knows the struggle of trying on pair after pair, wiggling in and out, maybe even jumping around a little (oh, is that just me?) to squeeze all your lovely lumps comfortably inside the garment. And then of course, there’s there the matter of proportions, figuring out which style of jeans will be the most flattering to complement your figure and your outfit as well as the utter confusion of trying to decipher women’s jeans size charts. 

Fortunately, those days are over. Whether you’re a size 00 or 24, we have a go-to guide to help you find the perfect pair of jeans for your body. All it takes are a few smart design details and even smarter fabrics, to help you look and feel incredible in the best-fitting jeans to complement your figure.


Hourglass Body

Lucky for you, you’ve got curves in all the right places, with wider shoulders and hips of similar proportion and a more defined waist.

For truly confident curves, embrace and emphasize your shapely figure in premium denim with high-tech shaping stretch. It’s all about celebrating your supremely feminine shape, while contouring the hips and thighs to create a long smooth line. We recommend our JFK Skinny and MXP High-Rise Leggings to sculpt and streamline your womanly figure.

SXF Day Break SXF Plus Smoke Screen


As a pear shape, you are rocking a fuller waist and hips than your shoulders and bust, with a narrower waist.
Mastering proportions is key for you.

Balance out your curvier bottom half with a flared style that widens out below the knee or opt for a classic silhouette with a curved waistband that skims over your figure, making the most of your ultra-feminine shape. Try out PHL Slim Bootcut or the SXF Utility Straight to create iconic looks with no dreaded gapping at the waist.



With a wider midsection and rounder shoulders, your goal is to elongate your figure, while concealing any muffin top without having too much volume down below.

Make this body type sing with styles that add a bit of stretch to glide over your thighs and midsection. You will look impeccably pulled together and uber chic in styles like our timeless CDG High-Rise Straight, designed with a flawless Parisian attitude and smartly shaped inner front pockets.

NCE Tobacco Brown NCE Plus Lynwood

Rectangle Body Shape

Feeling a little too straight up and down? Rectangle body shapes feature a bust, hips and waist of similar proportions.

Let’s add some curves and heighten the drama by bringing dimension to your more athletic figure. Turn up the volume with flared, wide-leg styles, that create a flattering A-line silhouette. Our NCE Wide-Leg makes the most of your sleep shape with strategically placed back pockets designed to add flattering fullness to your bottom and maximize your assets.

Fashionable + Ethical Design

While choosing the right jeans to flatter your particular body shape is of course important, selecting a responsibly made denim company also matters. With Warp + Weft, you will enjoy consciously made clothing, intelligently designed to make you look and feel amazing, while being kind to the environment and planet. We are committed to practicing sustainability to protect human and ecological health, as well as maintaining humane conditions in our factories So, in a pair of Warps, you can be sure that you are not only adding incredible style to your wardrobe, you are taking a step to move the world in a positive direction, too.

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