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The Best Maternity Jeans to Enhance Your Growing Baby Bump

The Best Maternity Jeans to Enhance Your Growing Baby Bump

It is an incredibly exciting time in your life, embarking on your journey as an expectant mother. And while your happiness is growing as you await your new addition, your body is going through some major growth too — and it can be frustrating and difficult to find attractive maternity jeans to enhance your changing figure. We all know how tricky it can be to find the right fit with jeans in general. Now, add on top of that your growing baby bump, to complicate things even more. Well, stop your worrying because we got you, mamas-to-be!

Here is a helpful guide created especially for you expectant mothers, including features you should look for in maternity jeans, as well as some of our favorite styles to feel cute and confident throughout your pregnancy.

Features to Look for In Flattering Maternity Jeans

Adjustable Waistband

Trust us when we say a waistband will be your friend, while you are pregnant. There are different options of waistbands that maternity jeans tend to come in, including: under-the-bump band, over-the-bump paneling or side paneling. No matter which kind of waistband your maternity jeans have, it will make the fit of your jeans much more forgiving and will feel incredibly comfortable against your growing baby bump. Over-the-bump paneling is very accommodating to your midsection, while under the bump supports your figure from below. Side paneling will have the most familiar feel, fitting closest to your typical pair of jeans.

Sufficient Stretch

The last thing you want is to feel your jeans straining uncomfortably against your bump because they don’t offer enough stretch. Jeans that give and have sufficient stretch will help smooth and glide over your blossoming baby bump and can even grow with you as your bump gets bigger, to take your comfortably through every stage of pregnancy.

Now for some of our top choices of styles of maternity jeans!

1) Stretchy Skinny Jeans

Best Maternity Jeans

Yes, it may sound counterintuitive, but even while pregnant, you can definitely still wear a fashionable pair of skinny jeans that will not only accommodate your growing body, but will also create a stylish and feminine shape, too. The JFK Maternity – Skinny 29 Piedmont will contour and flatter beautifully to your baby bump, while feeling incredibly lightweight and comfortable, thanks to elastic-side panels that sculpt, streamline and support your growing bump.


2) Classic Black Maternity Jeans

Best Black Maternity Jeans

Meet your new favorite pair of black maternity jeans to take you stylishly to any occasion. The JFK Maternity – Skinny 29 Jackson are no ordinary black jeans. Side panels engineered to support your growth will hold and cradle your baby bump, while maintaining a flattering and sleek shape. The dark wash will create a long, lean line to keep you feeling and looking your best.


3) The Perfect Denim Overalls While Preggers & Beyond

Best Maternity Overalls Denim

So, you may have sported this trendy style before you were expecting. But just because you’re a mama-to-be doesn’t mean that you can’t wear fashionable clothing like you used to. Here’s a pair of denim overalls that you will love, that will make you feel confident and attractive while your baby bump is growing. The DFW Plus Maternity -Overall 29” Martine Overalls feature a straight leg fit with side buttons to accommodate your growing bump. And the best part is, thanks to the adjustable side buttons, you can even rock these after baby comes, too! The medium indigo wash and classic overalls style creates a cool, stylish vibe, perfect to see you through pregnancy and beyond. 

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