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Why we (the world) love our jeans

Why we (the world) love our jeans

Chances are you’re wearing a pair right now. Jeans are a staple garment in most of our everyday lives, a foundational element to our wardrobe and probably one of the most beloved types of clothing we have in our closet. Yes, jeans are iconic with their versatility and forever enduring fashionable appeal, and they’re definitely not going out of style anytime soon. 

As if you needed more reasons to love jeans, here are some of our favorites reasons why we love our jeans. 

1. Can Be Worn Every Which Way 

One of the best things about jeans is how incredibly versatile they are. Essential building blocks to any outfit, whether casual or elevated, they are an easy, go-to choice for almost any situation no matter where you’re going. You can rely on your pair of jeans to take you from running errands on the weekend, to brunch and shopping with the girls, to more professional environments when smartened up with certain types of clothing and accessories, and even to go out on a Saturday date night. Light wash, dark wash and all colors in between, there is a style of jeans that will be perfect for about every occasion. 

2. Durable and Hard-Wearing 

With roots tracing back to as early as the 1800s, there’s a reason why jeans were first loved by day laborers and miners. They are extremely durable and hard-wearing. Gold miners relied on their blue jeans to weather challenging work conditions, the elements, and long hours of hard, painful and laborious work. In fact, jeans were first produced for the gold prospectors during the Gold Rush of the 1800s. Traditional types of pants were not well suited to the strenuous work and environment in the mines. While jeans were first favored among blue-collar  men and women, it was inevitable that before long, the rest of society would recognize jeans' appeal as well. Companies began to manufacture different styles of jeans, helping them gain appreciation amongst a larger, mainstream audience of consumers. 

3. They Evolve With You 

In addition to their durability, jeans age beautifully, evolving with you as time goes by. Take a look at the jeans in your closet, and it’s kind of like taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting special times. A new pair of jeans has that crisp, fresh feel with its color saturation at its most vivid. We can all attest to how fantastic of a feeling it is to wear brand new jeans out for the first time, feeling more confident and on top of the world than ever, knowing that we look as good as we feel. Jeans that are a little older, will be perfectly worn in, maybe now sporting a faded look that is ever so trendy, the rips in them a little wider and tattered, still as comfortable as they always were but now showing they have been well loved. And when we don those pairs that we have enjoyed for years, they attain a special place in our hearts. 

Of course, just as gracefully as jeans age, you can also help them maintain their freshness for longer too, with the proper care to prevent them fading and retain a perfect fit. Check out our recent article to learn handy tips on how to take care of your jeans to help them last as long as possible

4. Loved by Celebrities Throughout History

Look through images of today’s celebrities and you are sure to see many wearing jeans at various occasions from events to their everyday lives. Throughout history, jeans have been sported by the likes of entertainers all across Hollywood. Iconic campaigns and images like Farah Fawcett in her bell bottom jeans, flashing her million dollar smile, or Jennifer Grey donning jean capris with Patrick Swayze in photos from their blockbuster film, Dirty Dancing, will forever be imprinted in our minds and in history. Every generation of celebrities and entertainers throughout the decades has placed their own stamp on jeans style, with adoring fans aspiring to emulate their fashions. 

It’s pretty exciting to imagine where jeans trends will continue to take us as we forge forward, fashionably as ever, of course into the future. 

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