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Denim Care 101

We do a lot to produce your jeans in the most sustainable way possible. Help us further reduce our impact on the planet (and increase the longevity of your denim) by following these tips.
Wear More, Wash Less
Washing your jeans after every wear is not only bad for the planet, it’s harmful to the integrity of your denim. We suggest spot cleaning between wears.
The Three Rules to Washing Denim
When it comes time to wash, three basic rules apply: use a cold wash to preserve the nature of the fibers, turn inside out to prevent color fading, and avoid tumble drying to minimize heat shrinkage. Plus, air drying your jeans reduces greenhouse-gas emissions.
We Avoid Chemicals, So Should You
Go with natural cleaning alternatives when you can. Bleach and harsh detergents can negatively affect the quality and look of your denim.
Don't Get Looped In
We all have soft spots - don't pull your pants up by the belt loops. Instead, try pulling them up by the waistband.
On the Mend
High movement areas will wear over time. Mend your jeans to keep their life going. Plus, patches make your denim look even more authentic.
Repurpose + Recycle
Done with your denim? Don't throw them away - they'll just end up in a landfill. Find your closest recycling point or clothing bank to give your jeans a new life and is better for the environment.

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