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What is Dynamic?

Dynamic is our best-selling men’s
comfort stretch denim fabric that
always keeps its shape, bounces back
and never bags out. This mid-weight
fabric is extremely versatile, wears
superbly and comes in a wide range
of multi-dimensional washes.

Designed for an
active lifestyle

Our designers created this fabric
to tolerate any activity. This
material can withhold anything
allowing you to get off a plane
and enter the boardroom
without any discomfort.

Crafted using innovative
stretch fibers

This jean includes the perfect
amount of stretch and mid-weight
feel it’s the impeccable pair
every man needs.

Plus, it’s consciously

With only 6 gallons of water
and 1KWH of energy used to
make this pair, you can proudly
wear your jeans knowing
that the planet isn’t worse off.

“Finally, someone designed a line of stylish jeans
for every size — and every pair is under $100.”
- Business Insider