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To celebrate World Water Day, we're donating 100% of our sales to charity:water, a non-profit
dedicated to providing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Water is the
molecule of life, and we're committed to making sustainable high quality jeans.

98% of the water we use to
wash our jeans is recycled.

All of our denim is certified as
“environmentally low impact”
by EIM by Jeanologia.

But as important as it is to save water in our business,
it's equally as important to provide clean water to those without it.

We are determined to make the denim industry more inclusive.

The fashion industry is notoriously exclusive. The best designs have for too long
been available only to a few. We created Warp+Weft to change that. Inclusivity
is at the heart of everything we do, from production to price to sizing and
design. For us, it’s all about you and we have come a long way just to make sure
the perfect denim arrives at your doorstep and fits perfectly, every time.