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Every pair of denim is created in our cutting-edge facility that adheres
to the highest ecological and ethical standards.

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The First Stage:
Cotton Processing

It all starts with raw cotton, which we responsibly source,
prime and process for optimal purity using state-of-the-art
equipment and techniques to achieve the world’s most
sustainable denim. .

Our innovative fabrics are spun using Amsler Technology,
and an extremely efficient unit that includes 18,000 spindles
to harvest 1.6 million kg of yarns per month. Yarns ranging
from 5.5 single to 18 singles are made using core spun Lycra
andT400®, including our signature DualFX™ yarn. Our
Belgium, Italian and Swiss weaving technology empowers us
to create virtually any kind of denim imaginable, in weights
from from 7oz to 15oz.

We place a great deal of emphasis on getting it right from
this very first step, because high quality fibers with
incredible retention and hold are our foundation —- the
magic ingredient in every single pair of Warps.

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The Second Stage:
Additives + Dyeing

One of the most important characteristics of any denim is
the right color. That’s why we rely on world-class machinery
to turn our pure cotton into the perfect blue, the darkest
black, the most vivid red, or the creamiest off-white.

We’ve spent years perfecting our palette, so when it comes
to production, we want to get it right every time. We use two
24-Ropes dyeing machines with a capacity of 140,000 meters
in one run, as well as the latest YILMAK machines, with
temperature-controlled dye boxes and a fully automated
feeding system to achieve consistent color. And, we use
central monitoring to prevent any flaws from making it
through to the finished product.

Whenever possible, we use Liquid Indigo from Dystar
Germany, the cleanest and most eco-friendly of all indigo
dyes. We’re only the 12th mill on the planet to use this
incredible colorant.

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The Third Stage:
Assembly + Finishing

Once we’ve lovingly created our raw denim, it’s time to turn
it into your new favorite jeans. Our facility is a one-stop-shop
for highest quality cutting, stitching, wet & dry processing
(i.e., achieving the perfect wash and texture), and finally
prepping each pair to head out into the world. This gives us
oversight from beginning to end, so we can guarantee you a
premium jean that fits perfectly right out of the box.

We use cutting-edge Gerber Technology for highly accurate
pattern cutting with efficiency and speed. Then, our master
stitchers turn fabrics into fashion through a range of techniques
that merge advanced machinery with human artistry.

Once each pair has been cut and sewn, it’s time for wash
treatment — the art of giving a raw garment its own
personality and aesthetic. Our research and development
team is always experimenting with new processes to create
exciting new looks, textures and finishes. Then, after strict
quality assurance testing, we lovingly pack and ship the
finished pair to you….

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Factory Optimization
+ Efficiency 

Many mills around the world create good denim, but our
uniquely sustainable support infrastructure sets us apart. By
generating our own power in an in-house power plant, we
achieve far greater than average energy efficiency. Our heat
recovery system has a self-power generation capacity of
15MW, and also gives us the added ability to accelerate
production as needed.

Denim is traditionally very environmentally impactful,
generating a tremendous amount of water waste and
pollution. But here in our factory, we’re doing things
differently. Our in-house water treatment plant helps us
operate with a flow rate of 1900 cubic meters/hour, and we
recycle, reuse and return as much clean water to the
environment as possible.

We also count on a vast array of solar panels to help power
operations throughout the facility. You could say we’re doing
our part to bring some sunshine back to the denim industry.

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